Fourteen Portions of Chilli

I think I’ve mentioned before in my blog that our boy doesn’t like Bank Holidays, because the shops shut and things aren’t the same. Now we are faced with the possibility of shops AND SCHOOLS being shut, along with goodness knows what else. For goodness knows how long. Quite frankly as his mum, I’m freaking out a bit.

Every day, week, school term and school holiday follows the same basic routine, which helps to keep him feeling calm and secure. As an Autism Mum I have learnt to plan and prepare everything he needs in advance. I’ve had to become as organised as I can, where he is concerned. So the current situation is all a bit of a mine field because it’s totally out of my control.

So, I decided to get smart. I’ve spent the last day or two making sure we have all he needs to eat for two weeks. I know, it’s meant stock piling a bit (apologies) but it’s all done. Our little ‘Covid Cupboard’ is full of all his favourite snacks and the freezer is full of his meals. It’s not a hard task to be fair, as his daily meals are exactly the same every single day, except for Saturday, when he gets a take away as a treat. Lots of fresh fruit will have to be sourced along with hummus (his absolute favourite, which cannot be frozen). Perhaps I’ll have to make my own, hopefully it won’t come to that! Now that’s all organised I can relax a bit. As a mother of three children, I feel guilty that I haven’t made any provision for our two daughters, but they are able to understand the situation and know that meals might have to be a bit different for a while, depending on how things pan out.

It’s a scary situation for us all – but it made me think that my son is actually at an advantage at the moment, because he is totally unaware of what’s happening around him in the world. He’s not freaked out by the media coverage like the majority of us. And for that I’m grateful. His world is one of living in the moment, one where he is blissfully happy if he gets his ‘blue crisps’ at lunchtime and his three course cereal breakfast in the morning. I wish I could live there sometimes.

Stay safe folks! xxx

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