Just Love

My son had an amazing relationship with his Great Grandma, who we sadly lost last year. She was 96. She clearly adored him. I’m not sure she had a real grasp of his condition, but she loved him. Every time she saw him, she would tell him. ‘I just love him’ I can hear her saying it now. ‘Who’s Grandma’s boy?’. I think we all knew who it was.

When you have a child with autism people say the strangest things. One that crops up quite often is ‘Ooh I wish I could get into his head’. Really? I can’t think of anything worse than being inside *anyone* else’s head. Especially my son’s. I don’t know how he sees the world, it might be confusing, it might be scary, it might not. It might be beautiful. Who knows? Who knows what goes on in anyone’s head? Surely that’s the beauty of being an individual, being unique and having your own personal space that nobody else can invade.

The point I’m aiming to make here is that to be accepting of autism, or any kind of neurodiversity, you do not have to *understand* the condition. I do not understand my son’s autism, I really don’t. I have made it my life’s work to try my best to HELP him, but I will never fully understand him. I just love him. Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, but most of the time it’s very easy. Much easier than trying to understand his condition.

So on this Autism Awareness Day, that’s my message. Don’t try to get into the head of someone with autism. Don’t try to understand them. You never will. You’re not meant to.

Just love ❤

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