The Giggle at a Funeral 

I absolutely love that line from the Hozier song and it just reminds me of my boy.  He’s never actually been to a funeral but you get my drift: he doesn’t live by social rules. And do you know what? I’m so jealous!
He’s the kid that in a room of strangers will run up to the most good looking woman 
and try and sit on her knee (yes this has happened a few years ago and she actually let him!) or ask a random shopper in the supermarket what they like to watch on TV (yes this actually happens too on a regular basis and it’s usually left to me to ask the question as his speech is so unclear!).  But seriously who wouldn’t want to do that? If he sees someone with a really cool afro hairdo, he will run up to them and touch it, or if he sees a cute baby he will stroke their cheek. Obviously this is where we start to run into problems….personal space. Hmmmm, not something that he understands unfortunately. And it’s usually me who ends up apologising and explaining about his condition, but on the whole people are really kind and understanding, so it’s usually all good.

He loves wobbly skin. You know the kind that older people get under their chins. My grandma, who is well into her 90s has it. He will go up to her and have a feel. She laughs. It makes us all laugh. She is not embarrassed, I think she actually quite likes the attention. The situation is turned around.

But basically he is doing what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. How good is that? How liberating is that? How much fun is that?

His random behaviour has broken the ice in an awkward situation so many times. It has brought so many smiles to so many people’s faces.

As I write this blog I’m sat in a hospital waiting room in my dressing gown with a group of complete strangers. We are all in a queue for dental surgery. Nobody has uttered a word. It is really
hashtag awkward. If my boy was here, he would’ve asked everyone what they were called, what they liked watching on TV and probably what they were doing next. This would’ve got us all talking and definitely made this pretty horrible situation a bit more bearable!

Of course I’m hoping that as he grows up he will learn a little more social etiquette, but I never want to take away the unique,  spontaneous and fun side of him. It’s a true gift. I wish he was here 💙

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