And we’re off…..

I’m Jo. And this is my first blog. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and now I’ve finally decided that the time is right!

I’m forty years young and the mum of three wonderfully fantastic children. My oldest child is severely autistic and that’s what this blog is going to be about: how being a special needs mum has changed my life absolutely and utterly. Inside and out. For the better and for the worse.

I’m hoping that my musings will be really cathartic for me. I am really looking forward to finally getting the thoughts that have been whizzing round my head for the past decade down on paper. I’ll pre warn you that some of my musings may be sad. But some will be funny and heartwarming: that’s just how we roll in the special needs world.

Welcome to my crazy life!


5 thoughts on “And we’re off…..

  1. I’m not a special needs Mum, but I’m no stranger to loss and I know a lovely young man who is on the spectrum and whose Mum is a very dear friend. Loved the candour and frankness of your first blog and I shall watch out for more. Go lass it can only be good for you to express whatever is current

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